The 'Driveway of Death'

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Went to drop off the car at Brian's yesterday. I arrived at his house around noon and attempted to make it up Brian's 'Driveway of Death'. I call it the Driveway of Death because it is a very long, narrow, steep driveway with a cliff on one side, and is now partially covered in ice and snow. There is no room to turn around at the top, so you must either back up it, or back down it. Not fun with a truck and trailer. My truck in 4WD mode finally climbs to the top of Mount Death and as I put it in park it starts to slide down the hill a little bit. I quickly pull a little further up the top and put chocks behind the tires to make sure it doesn't slide down his driveway or cliff as we unload the car.

I called Brian when I got there but no answer so I was just going to leave the car there. I called him one more time just before unloading the car and Brian finally answers, still half asleep. I tell him I'm at his house unloading the car and he tells me he'll be right out. 20 minutes later I call him again. He had fallen back asleep. We shovel and scrape a pathway from the driveway to the garage so that the car will be able to make it into the garage. After 20 minutes of shoveling, the car somehow makes it safely into the garage.

While I was there we decided to work on the car for a little bit. We removed the airbag, steering wheel, dash and the sunroof. We tried several ways to get the sunroof mechanism out, incuding drilling the pop rivets out, trying to melt the industrial adheasive with a torch, etc, but in the end we had to use a sawsall which went through it like butter.

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