Pneumatic Scraper 0: BMW 1

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I got this cool pneumatic scraper for only $19 from Harbor Freight. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for getting rid of the sound deadening material inside the car.

I was right, this thing kicks ass. It makes quick and easy work of the sound deadening material. The trick is to loosen the lock nut located towards the top of the scraper, this allows you to lengthen/shorten the throw of the piston, allowing you to adjust the force of the impact. The longer it is the slower but harder it is, this is good for the breaking up the hard brittle stuff. Shorten it for the softer/gooeyer/stickier stuff. Also once you get under it a bit, you can use it to pry upwards.

One thing to note, the recommended working pressure is 90psi. I found that it works much better at 180psi. Only problem is that I broke the piston in under 2 hours of constant use at 180psi. I guess the recommended pressure is more than just a suggestion. HF will be sending me a new one.

Here are the before pics of all of the sound deadening material to be removed.

Here are the after pics:

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