Picking up the car

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I went to pick up the car this afternoon. I knew the rear tire would not rotate, so I brought my cordless cutting tools, some large pry bars, and whatever else I could think of to allow me to get the car up on the trailer.

Of course when I got there the car was dead. It had been sitting outside in the grass for over a year and of course I brought everything but my battery box or jumper cables. I also couldn't get into the trunk to get to the tow hook. I had to call my wife to bring my battery box and go to her parents house to pick up a tow hook.

The battery is also in the trunk. As I waited for my wife to bring the jump box, I figured I would try to get into the trunk. Of course it would not open since it was so damaged. I was able to stick my hand into the trunk and undo the trunk hinge bolts. This let me bend open the trunk enough to get to the trunk release bolts. Then I could finally open the trunk to get to the battery.

At this point it had started raining again. This was actually a good thing as it made the grass and trailer slipery enough to get the car with the stuck wheel up onto the trailer. With the jump box, I was able to get the car started and drive up on the trailer without any other problems.

Once on the trailer I had to crawl out the window and could not close it. It was just starting to rain as we left, but as we were going it sarted torential downpours. I ended up having to pull over and use a tarp to cover the open window.

Finally got it home and into the garage.

Ready to start the dismantling.

More pics here.

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