The Candidate

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Took a look at the candidate car today. An almost perfect specimen of a lightly modded 1991 BMW 318is.

Looks real good except for a minor cosmetic flaw:

I think that will buff right out.

The owner tried buffing it out with a sledge hammer and some huge pry bars. Didn't even budge. Not one bit. I guess something a little bit stronger/bigger/more aggressive might be required in order to persuade it. Like maybe pulling it out with a dump truck or something.

Right now it still rubs the tire and prevents it from rotating. Apperently that may be a problem for a race car though, but I'm not an expert. This is one of the drive wheels and I'm told a 318 doesn't have a whole lot of power to begin with. I guess it would be like having only 1/2 the horsepower now? Probably turns left real good though. Too bad we aren't running with NASCAR.

I think we should just sawsall the offending metal around the wheel that is preventing it from moving and be done with it. It doesn't need to be pretty; hell I'll settle for margionally functional.

BMW Damage Assesment Video
More pics here.

Hasn't been driven in a while so hopefully it still runs. It's been sitting outside in the feild behind the owner's warehouse for over a year now since the accident.

The good news is that the owner needs to get rid of the car, so we can't beat the price. As long as we get rid of it for him, he'll take what the salvage yard offered him, $150. Even if we can't use the body, it'll make a great parts/donor car. Has some nice parts too!. The owner bought the car off eBay with H&R coilovers, ST sway bars, poly bushings, and some other goodies! Hopefully the hardware is not too rusted on, in case we can't use the body.

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