DTM LeMons car takes podium at Race Track Combat reality TV show

Friday, May 22, 2009

I was selected to be a racer in a reality TV show/docu-drama called Race Track Combat held at New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Raceway in the Duct Tape Motorsports 24 Hours of LeMons E30 BMW 318is. Race Track Combat pitted 33 different race cars ranging from Porsche GT3 Cup cars, to C6 Corvette Z06, to my 24 Hours of LeMons 318is. The object was to pit the drivers evenly against each other, so they used a handicapping system based on the lap record for the class car you were in. For example if the lap record at Lightning for my class was 1:20 and the class record was 1:10 for the fastest car, I got a handicap of 10 seconds per lap. So if in a 10 lap race, I finished within 100 seconds of the fastest car, I actually beat him. The top 10 cars of the first race automatically qualified for the final race. The top 5 cars of the second race qualified for the final race. For the final race they staggered the start based on the handicap so that theoretically all of the cars would cross the finish line at the same time.

In the first race, I had a great race, beating the lap record for my car, and not only ended up in the top 10 but actually qualify first for the final race. Since I had a bye for the 2nd race I had to sit it out. The final race was a 20 lap race in the wet. I was able to keep my lead for most of the race, but got passed by 2 cars at the end.
I ended up on podium, winning the 3rd place trophy. I was pretty happy with those results considering there were some serious teams with some semi-pro drivers and full professional crew support.

Race 1

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