Team Testing at The Glen

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The whole Duct Tape Motorsports crew signed up for the Chin Motorsports HPDE event at Watkins Glen over Labor Day. There was 14 DTMers in attendance. Since my wife Anna would be drivng the Red Reck in the Novice Group, this would give the new LeMons teammates a chance to check out and drive the car before the actual race. About 8 different people drove the car, and the car was out on track all but 3 sessions. I basically let anyone who wanted to take it out for a test drive to do so.

Both of my cars. I have no idea who is in either one of them.

Anna climbing the Esses

Flying through the Bus Stop


Trying to keep up with a Ferrari and a Porsche in the Intermediate group

Mike takes the Red Reck out for a Spin

More pics here.

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