HPDE Testing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ed went to NJMP Thunderbolt Raceway Mon and Tues with the NJ BMWCCA club to test out the car.
Ed getting ready to go out on track

He missed the bulk of the first session Monday AM after getting the meatball flag going into T7 after only 4 laps. Ed parked it on the inside of turn 8 behind a flag station and steam then slowly wafted out from under the hood. After the session he got towed in and found the water pump/alt belt in shreds. After repairs and testing, he broke the radiator bleed screw (plastic!) while doing a final cooling system bleed. A rapid paddock wide search for a spare netted a partially chewed replacement which managed to thread in. Ed ended up getting to the the grid DFL (dead f-ing last) but made it out for his next session.
Ed getting towed
Brian trying to see what is wrong with the car

Ed reports the car is fantastic on the Hankook R-S2s. In the wet today, he managed to start reeling in faster cars in the twisties. By the end of today, as the tires got worn in, he started to pull up to a couple faster cars on a mostly dry track.

DTM Paddock

More pics here.

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